A celebration of 400 years of Intellectual Property from 1617 to 2017.

Ted Humble-Smith was commissioned by The GREAT Campaign in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office to conceptualise 50 Patents from its 400 year history into a series of images. These images celebrate patents which defined our past, present day, and will go on to shape our futures. Ted curated a team of set designers, artists, special effects masters as well as leading scientists and doctors to transform a patent number into a visual embodiment of the concept.


These are the groundbreaking patents that we collaborated with Ted on:

Patent No. EP0018197 - Dyson 1980

After 5,127 prototypes, James Dyson had invented the worlds first bagless vacuum cleaner, using a cyclone to generate suction.

Patent No. GB2405530 - Plastic Electronics - 2001

Prof Sir Richard Friend pioneered ‘plastic electronics’ in 2001. His idea opens up the possibility of entirely flexible devices, where flat screens are replaced by those which bend, curve and mould.

Patent No. GB169800354 - Epsom Salts - 1698

The first medicinal patent granted in Britain dates from 1698. It was awarded to Nehemiah Grew for Epsom Salts, a product inspired by the healing waters of Epsom thought to have soothing properties.